Murphy’s belief in ghosts will weaken if Eriksen is played with Bruno.

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Ex-Liverpool star Danny Murphy believes Manchester United’s midfield. Will be worse if they send Christian Eriksen on the pitch alongside Bruno Fernandes.

The main character of the “Red Devils” immediately moving to Old Trafford in 2019. Having made 126 appearances, 50 goals and 39 assists,

but United are linked with Want to draw Eriksen, including Frenkie de Jong, to add to the army this summer After they have lost several midfielders at the same

time, Murphy believes United’s performance will be worse if they bring in with Fernandes.

A chose to use Eriksen and Bruno Fernandes. At the same time in midfield. with only one defensive midfielder They will end the season worse than last season,” he told UFABET .

“Will he bring Eriksen as Fernandes’ back-up as number 10? Or will it be stationed in the middle of the field? If you send both Frenkie de Jong and on the pitch. Will there be any resilience or tackle with strength?

” This is strange for United, why they want Eriksen, I don’t understand. They’ve got enough game-changers,

or United would think of bringing in a player from Brentford, who was one of Tottenham’s best players in their unsuccessful era. Will it make them better than before?”