‘Mane’ is said to be the number 1 swan fan forever.

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Sadio Mane insists he is Liverpool’s number one fan from now on and believes his old team will be even better. After resigning to Bayern Munich,

the Senegal star had a great time playing for the “Reds” after becoming a key star who led the team to multiple trophies. to the Premier League and the Champions League.

A transfer to Bayern was completed today (Wednesday), but he gave an interview with Liverpool’s channel on La

Mane, beginning by explaining that he was not interested in speculations about his future last season. , saying, “There are many rumors but I’m not confused. Of course I know what I want and what professionalism is. So for me I didn’t think about that at all because I was still a Liverpool player and we had a lot of important games.” The UFABET report

“For me that was a very important moment for myself, with the team and with my teammates, and the fans as well, so I was very focused on that. I don’t want any comments because winning the Champions League and the Premier League is wonderful for me, for the club and for everyone

. Rumors because it’s part of football, will always be like that. Mane

revealed he contacted manager Jurgen Klopp and his team-mates to bid farewell. He also emphasized that it was important to leave each other as well.

“After the two clubs agreed I sent a message to say goodbye to everyone, which is normal. They’re sad, I’m sad, but it’s part of life. We just have to accept it.”

“That was the plan that was originally planned. (Good farewell) because for me, a good farewell to Liverpool is what I am because of what I have seen at the club. “The

atmosphere at the club, in the dressing room is wonderful. I’m friendly with everyone, the coaches, even the people in the kitchen, the aunts in the kitchen! So a good farewell is very important to me, for the fans as well.”

Mane admits he will miss the love he received from the Kop and will become one of Liverpool’s supporters from Munich.

“I think whoever leaves Liverpool will always miss those fans. Because until now they are the best fans in the world and I always say this. Especially when they sang me ‘Mane! Dribbling along the edge…!’ I don’t know the meat, I’m not good at singing!”

“Playing at Anfield always gives you a lot of energy because of the fans. So I will miss you but no matter what, I love you. I still have a house and everything at Liverpool so will definitely go back, and someday I want to go back to Anfield to greet them and watch Liverpool play because for me, I will be the number one fan. Liverpool, after the fans!”

“After every game in Munich I will go into the dressing room and see Liverpool, of course, because I will always be Liverpool’s number one fan. I just wish them the best of luck. and I also monitor them.

“Of course they will be even better because I know my friends well. Great players, great talent, great growth and great attitude, so Liverpool will definitely get even better.”

As for his last words to the Kop, Mane said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you guys, I still love you as much as ever, don’t worry! Goodbye, good luck!”