Klopp bids farewell to ‘Mane’, picks up one of the Liverpool’s all-time

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has bid farewell to Sadio Mane’s move to Bayern Munich. Hailing him as one of the club’s greatest players of all time.

The Senegal international has left Anfield. After six years at the club and having made more than 260 appearances and scored 120 goals. Including leading the team to numerous trophies,

Mane decided to join Bayern. Bern, on a three-year contract and the German has praised the success he has helped bring to the team.

“It’s an important moment. There’s no point in pretending that it isn’t. One of Liverpool’s all-time best players has left the team and we have to realize how important it is,” said

Klopp. He’s gone as one of the best footballers for sure and yes. The UFABET report

He was the catalyst for Liverpool’s revival under Klopp, and it is no surprise, then, the emotion with which the manager paid tribute to his long-serving No. 10.

“But we must not cling to what has left us, we should celebrate the extraordinary things we had. The goals he scores, the trophies he won, he’s a legend, for sure. But also a role model for modern-day Liverpool

. If someone at the time had told me what he gave and won for this club. I’m not sure if I could understand it then, at least not about the scale of success. as possible”