Homeowner reveals ‘Ronaldo’ is ready to pay for all repairs

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The owner of the house who was hit by a luxury car of Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he had met with representatives of the parties. and he is willing to pay for all damages

Boughetti Cars Star’s Weyron, 37, crashed into a house in Mallorca. In the morning of last Monday, however, the driver was expected to be the player’s bodyguard. Not the driver,

reports revealed that the landlord traveled to meet representative “Dido” at his rental home in Mallorca. to talk about the damage and has been promised that every baht and every satang will be reimbursed

“I had to wait for the door to open for a while. (When I went to Ronaldo), but I met a very polite man and woman

. They promised to pay for everything Boughetti incurred.”

“They told me they would fix everything. Please keep the receipt…My water meter fell apart during the accident. Since then, I have been unable to stay in my home normally.”

“The door came off the hinges. And the wall fell two blocks. I was working when the police called about the accident. First of all, I was afraid that the dog would die. because it likes to go behind the door.”

“When I entered the house, I saw him trembling in fear not far from the entrance.” The UFABET report