Privacy statement

Most websites collect personal information. Personal information may be collected by simple means such as a website form, or through more sophisticated means such as tracking cookies. Some kinds of website – notably social networking websites and websites with social networking features – collect and process huge amounts of personal information.

International data protection law and International data privacy law (and similar laws in most contries jurisdictions) protect individuals from the misuse of their personal information. These laws regulate the collection of data, the storage of data, the use of data, the cross-border transfer of data and the disposal of data. The purpose of a website privacy statement is to help website owners with the the disclosure requirements of data protection and data privacy laws.

The free privacy statement covers the following:

  1. Personal information collection
  2. Using personal information
  3. Securing your data
  4. Cross-border data transfers
  5. Updating this statement
  6. Other websites
  7. Contact
  8. This privacy statement