1. What makes your company stand out from the competition?
Our excellent prices combined with superb customer service set us apart from the competition. Our customer service team work extremely hard to answer any questions or queries divers have and have regular product training to be able to provide advice.
2. What is your websites target market?
We target all divers of any age and of any level. Whether they are just starting out or want the best money can buy we have such a range of products that they are never short of choice.
3. Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Diveinstinct would like to address the ongoing concern with credit card fraudulent activity. Although it is virtually impossible to eliminate all fraud you can buy your scuba equipment with confidence on our site and through our secure server. We have recently upgraded our verification system and would like to say that even though we cannot eliminate all fraud, we are doing our best to combat it with all the tools at our disposal. Credit card payments are the backbone of our business and we want to assure all of our scuba equipment buyers that whether you are buying a wetsuit, BCD, scuba mask, snorkeling gear, scuba gear or regulators, we are doing what is necessary to protect you, our customer, from any fraudulent activity.
4. Are the products I buy from internet sites guaranteed?
Online shopping is not any different from shopping down the street or in the next town. Sites that sell products should tell you what they offer and how they guarantee their products and services. Diveinstinct fully guarantees our products against defects and offers full warranties as stated from the manufacturer guarantee.
5. Why should't I buy my Mask, Fins, Snorkels and Booties from my local discount store?
Dive gear is life support equipment. Your personal gear is one investment that will make or break your snorkeling or Dive experience. Discount masks and related gear will work but the sealing surfaces and overall long-term quality will not meet your needs down the road. We have searched out products to fit every budget and need, and we allow you to exchange unused items, so why would you buy anywhere else?
6. Do I have to be a Certified SCUBA Diver or higher to buy gear?
You don't need a Certification Card to buy any products we sell, just be aware you will need a Certification Card for air fills.
7. My Instructor says that I need to buy the same equipment he/she has.
Diveinstinct realizes the loyalty that exists with the Instructor and Student. We are Instructors and Divemasters ourselves. What we will do is offer you sound advice with the empathy and understanding you expect from an Instructor along with quality equipment and service.
8. I noticed your prices are different than other sites.
Diveinstinct is truly an Online Dive Shop. We purchase and sell our products with the full knowledge of the manufacturers which means they guarantee them and we service you accordingly. Your purchasing investment is based only on your enthusiasm with the guarantee of product performance and future satisfaction.
9. How do I redeem a Special Prices ?
Simply click to register account, become a member and get your special 5% discount in your order!